Characteristics of the Head-Injured Versus Non-Head-Injured Patients

CharacteristicHead-InjuredNo Head InjuryP Value
Median age2.5 mo5.1 mo.02*
Sex (male)57.9%62.5%.75
Race (black vs white)68.4%64.5%.78
Prior reports in family26.3%15.6%.35
Privately insured5.0%25.8%.07
Single parent household72.2%50.0%.14
Mother’s age <2136.8%25.0%.37
Twin gestation11.8%12.5%.94
Weight <10th percentile for age31.6%21.9%.44
Head circumference >90th percentile26.3%21.9%.72
Multiple fractures73.7%53.1%.15
Rib fractures42.1%37.5%.75
Facial injury47.3%31.3%.25
  • * Used Mann-Whitney U test because of nonparametric underlying distribution.