Association of Clinical Findings With S pyogenes Isolation for Children With Suspected S pyogenes Pharyngitis

Sign/SymptomNo. of PatientsNo. Positive for Streptococcus (%)P Value*
Scarlatina rash3320 (61%).0001
Tonsillar exudate13855 (40%).0001
Anterior cervical adenitis21469 (32%).0006
Known streptococcal contact13136 (27%).2534
Cough26558 (22%).4414
Otitis media93 (33%).4879
Lower respiratory infection173 (18%).5613
Antibiotics within previous 7 d359 (26%).7603
Runny nose26263 (24%).8287
Sore throat642152 (24%).9038
  • * P value of the association of clinical finding with confirmed S pyogenes.