Suggested Approach* to PEP on the Basis of Exposure Risk Category and HIV Infection Status of the Source

Exposure Risk CategoryHIV Infection Status of SourceSuggested Approach
No risk identifiedAnyNo PEP
AnyNot HIV infectedNo PEP
Low, intermediate, or highUnknownConsider PEP
Low or intermediate riskHIV infectedConsider PEP
High riskHIV infectedRecommend PEP
  • * PEP is not recommended if the exposure occurred >72 hours ago, the exposed person refuses PEP, or if the exposed person is unwilling or unable to commit to 28 days of therapy and appropriate follow-up (Table 7). When considering PEP, the approach is suggested on the basis of type and severity of exposure, fluid involved, and HIV infection status of the exposure source, as outlined in Tables 1 through 6. Characteristics of the exposed patient are also considered, as described here and in the text. Given the absence of compelling data on effectiveness of PEP, clinicians may make different, reasonable decisions in similar clinical circumstances.

  • See Table 6.

  • See Table 5.