Dosage and Administration of Selected Antiretroviral Drugs That Might Be Used for Prophylaxis After Exposure to HIV in Children or Adolescents121

Drug Generic Name (Abbreviation), Trade NameRecommended Dosage*How Supplied
ZDV, RetrovirPreterm infants (investigational)Syrup: 10 mg/mL
0–2 wk of age: 1.5 mg/kg/dose, twice daily, orally (1.0 mg/kg/dose, every 12 h, IV)Capsules: 100 mg
>2 wk of age: 2.0 mg/kg/dose, 3 times/day, orally (1.5 mg/kg/dose, every 8 h, IV)Tablets: 300 mg
Term infantsCombination (Combivir): ZDV, 300 mg, plus lamivudine, 150 mg, in a single tablet
0–6 wk of age: 4 mg/kg/dose, twice daily, orally (3.0 mg/kg/dose, every 12 h, IV)
4 wk–12 y of age: 160 mg/m2/dose, 3 times/day, orally, or 180–240 mg/m2/dose, twice daily, orally (maximum 200 mg/dose, 3 times/day or 300 mg/dose, twice daily)Injection: 10 mg/mL in 20-mL vials
≥13 years of age: 200 mg/dose, 3 times/day, orally or 300 mg/dose, twice daily, orally
ddI, Videx<3 mo of age: 50 mg/m2/dose, twice daily, orally (investigational)Chewable tablets*: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg (2 tablets/dose)
3 mo–12 y of age: 90–135 mg/m2/dose, twice daily, orally or 240 mg/m2/dose once daily, orally (investigational)Buffered powder packets: mix with water: 100 mg, 167 mg, 250 mg
≥13 y of age:
 <60 kg in body weight:Coated tablets (Videx EC): 125 mg, 200 mg, 250 mg, 400 mg
  Tablets, 125 mg, twice daily, orally
  Powder, 167 mg, twice daily, orally
 ≥60 kg in body weight:Pediatric powder for oral solution mixed to final concentration of 20 mg/mL or 10 mg/mL
  Tablets, 200 mg, twice daily, orally, or 400 mg, once daily, orally
  Powder, 250 mg, twice daily, orally, or 500 mg, once daily, orally
d4T, Zerit<30 kg in body weight: 1 mg/kg/dose, twice daily, orallySolution: 1 mg/mL
30–60 kg: 30 mg, twice daily, orallyCapsules: 15, 20, 30, 40 mg. Mix with applesauce.
>60 kg: 40 mg, twice daily, orally
3TC, Epivir<1 mo of age: 2 mg/kg/dose, twice daily, orallyOral solution: 10 mg/mL
<37.5 kg in body weight: 4 mg/kg/dose, twice daily, orallyTablets: 150 mg
≥37.5 kg in body weight: 150 mg/dose, twice daily, orallyCombination (Combivir): ZDV, 300 mg, plus 3TC, 150 mg, in a single tablet.
RTV, Norvir3 mo–12 y of age: 400–450 mg/m2/dose, twice daily, orallyOral solution: 80 mg/mL
≥13 y of age: 600 mg/dose, twice daily, orallyGelcaps: 100 mg
IDV, Crixivan3–12 y of age: 450 to 500 mg/m2/dose, 3 times/day, orallyCapsules: 200 and 400 mg. Must be stored in original bottle.
≥13 y of age: 800 mg, 3 times/day, orally
NFV, Viracept1 mo–12 y of age: 30–50 mg/kg/dose, 3 times/day, orally, or 55 mg/kg/dose, twice daily, orally (maximum 2000 mg/dose)Powder for oral suspension: 50 mg/“level scoop”
≥13 y of age: 750 to 1250 mg/dose, 3 times/day, orally, or 1250 mg/dose, twice daily, orallyTablet: 250 mg
LPV/r, KaletraChildren: LPV, 300 mg/m2/dose, plus RTV, 75 mg/m2/dose, twice daily, orallyOral solution: 400 mg of LPV/100 mg of RTV per 5 mL (80 mg of LPV/20 mg of RTV per mL). Can store at room temperature for 2 mo.
Adults: LPV, 400 mg/dose, plus RTV, 100 mg/dose, twice daily, orally, or LPV, 533 mg/dose, plus RTV, 133 mg/dose, twice daily, orally if given with nevirapineCapsules: 133.3 mg of LPV/33.3 mg of RTV per capsule.
  • IV indicates intravenous. ddI, didanosine; d4T, stavudine; 3TC, lamivudine; RTV, ritonavir; IDV, indinavir sulfate; NFV, nelfinavir mesylate; LPV/r, lopinavir/ritonavir.

  • * Although the doses listed for adults are usually the Food and Drug Administration-licensed doses, the doses listed for children may be higher than the Food and Drug Administration-licensed doses. Before prescribing, see package insert for complete prescribing information, including drug toxicities, potential drug interactions, and contraindications for use.