Adjusted OR for Daily Smoking in Pupils With and Without Asthma and Stratified According to Gender, Symptoms, and Medicine Use*

Daily Smokers
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
All with asthma1.15(1.00–1.33)1.24(1.04–1.48)1.00(0.79–1.26)
Asthma symptoms1.21(1.02–1.43)1.30(1.06–1.58)1.05(0.79–1.26)
No asthma symptoms1.03(0.80–1.34)1.12(0.81–1.55)0.91(0.60–1.39)
No asthma medicine§1.25(1.00–1.53)1.28(0.99–1.65)1.13(0.77–1.63)
Asthma medicine1.11(0.92–1.34)1.22(0.97–1.53)0.92(0.67–1.27)
Asthma symptoms and no medicine§1.29(0.95–1.74)1.37(0.95–1.93)1.13(0.62–2.00)
Asthma symptoms and medicine1.18(0.97–1.43)1.26(0.99–1.60)1.03(0.73–1.44)
No asthma symptoms and no medicine§1.16(0.87–1.56)1.19(0.83–1.71)1.12(0.69–1.82)
No asthma symptoms and medicine0.70(0.41–1.21)0.88(0.44–1.78)0.52(0.22–1.22)
  • * We adjusted in both logistic regression analysis and multiple linear regression for gender, age (1-year categories), family type, parents’ smoking pattern and job, BMI, and exercise habits categorized as shown in Table 1. The subjects who had never smoked were used as a reference group. Tests for asthma-gender interaction were not significant.

  • Asthma symptoms within the past year.

  • No asthma symptoms within the past year.

  • § No asthma medicine within the past 2 weeks.

  • Asthma medicine within the past 2 weeks.