Crude Prevalence of Smoking and Smoking Pattern Among Pupils With and Without Asthma Stratified According to Gender, Symptoms, and Medicine*

nSmoking Prevalence
Daily SmokersOccasional SmokersEx-smokersNever Smoked
Entire sample
 Controls20 68816.321.221.940.7
 All with asthma188718.921.419.939.7
  Asthma symptoms130719.420.120.240.3
  No asthma symptoms58017.924.319.338.4
  No asthma medicine§82119.622.920.037.5
  Asthma medicine106618.420.319.941.5
  Asthma symptoms and no medicine§38120.222.319.238.3
  Asthma symptoms and medicine92619.019.220.641.1
  No asthma symptoms and no medicine§44019.123.420.736.8
  No asthma symptoms and medicine14014.327.115.043.6
 Controls12 70417.222.522.138.2
 All with asthma121920.922.120.436.5
  Asthma symptoms88320.821.520.637.0
  No asthma symptoms33621.123.819.935.1
  No asthma medicine§53422.123.019.535.4
  Asthma medicine68520.021.521.237.4
  Asthma symptoms and no medicine§27521.824.418.235.6
  Asthma symptoms and medicine60820.420.221.737.7
  No asthma symptoms and no medicine§25922.421.620.835.1
  No asthma symptoms and medicine7716.931.216.935.1
 All with asthma66815.320.119.045.7
  Asthma symptoms42416.317.219.347.2
  No asthma symptoms24413.525.018.443.0
  No asthma medicine§28715.022.620.941.5
  Asthma medicine38115.518.117.648.8
  Asthma symptoms and no medicine§10616.017.021.745.3
  Asthma symptoms and medicine31816.417.318.647.8
  No asthma symptoms and no medicine§18114.426.020.439.2
  No asthma symptoms and medicine6311.122.212.746.0
  • * The prevalence is shown as percentages (the percentages do not total 100% because of rounding).

  • Asthma symptoms within the past year.

  • No asthma symptoms within the past year.

  • § No asthma medicine within the past 2 weeks.

  • Asthma medicine within the past 2 weeks.