Weighted Percentages of Grade 7 Nondrinkers, Experimenters, and Drinkers Exhibiting Problem Behaviors at Age 23

Problem Behaviors at Age 23Grade 7 Drinking Status
Nondrinkers Sample n* = 846Experimenters 1565Drinkers 958
Substance use and treatment
 Weekly smoking14.6a24.1b36.5c
 Daily smoking11.4a20.4b30.6c
 Weekly alcohol use14.7a24.0b34.0c
 Binge drinking31.8a44.3b54.2c
 Alcohol dependence17.4a27.2b40.5c
 Multiple alcohol problems13.9a22.4b32.2c
 Weekly pot use03.8a10.7b17.9c
 Hard drug use26.4a42.6b68.5c
 Polydrug use18.9a30.3b41.6c
 Drug abuse08.3a17.6b31.3c
 Multiple drug problems02.8a05.6b09.3c
 Drug/alcohol treatment since age 1804.8a07.9b12.6c
Employment problemsa
 Missed work for no good reason22.8a26.6a30.8b
 Received warning from boss08.8a09.1a10.6a
 Fired from job05.2b05.5a08.2b
Other problem behaviors
 Drug selling02.7a07.8b12.3c
 Predatory violence08.2a11.1a16.1b
 Felonious behavior05.9a09.3b12.6c
 Arrested (ever)16.3a22.4b32.5c
 Arrested for drunk driving (ever)02.3a04.2a07.2b
  • * Unweighted sample sizes. Sample sizes for analyses involving employment variables ranged from N = 2969 to 3052 due to the exclusion of participants who had not been employed in the past 12 months or, in the case of receiving a warning or being fired, were self-employed.

  • a,b,c Percentages in the same row that do not share the same superscript differ at P < .05.