Allergen-Specific IgE Antibodies in Infancy as Predictive Factors for School-Age Asthma.

Specific IgE of ≥0.35 kU/L toAsthma at School AgePV+POR95% CI
Present (n = 32)Not Present (n = 48)
Food allergens201754%.0752.480.91–6.74
 Egg white181358%.0482.851.01–8.02
 Cow milk121055%.2531.850.65–5.28
Inhalant allergens11379%.0069.751.91–49.71
  • P values, ORs, and 95% CIs were determined by logistic regression with adjustment for gender and age at entry. Analyses have been done separately for each factor. Allergens with ≤5 positive cases were not included in analyses.