Relationships Between Polysomnographic Findings and Neurobehavioral Function in 110 5- to 7-Year-Old Children

Sleep VariablePositive CorrelationNegative Correlation
REM latencyConners’NEPSY
 Impulsive symptoms*Attention/executive function*
 Inattentive symptoms*
 Cognitive subscale*
 Hyperactivity subscale
 Psychosomatic subscale*
 ADHD index
 Global restless/impulsive*
 Global total*
DSM-IV inattentive*
DSM-IV hyperactive/impulsive
DSM-IV total
REM %NEPSYConners’
 Language* Inattentive symptoms*
 Visuospatial* Impulsive symptoms
 Memory Oppositional subscale*
DAS Cognitive subscale*
 Verbal ability* Hyperactivity subscale
 ADHD index
 Global index restless/impulsive
 Global emotional lability
 Global index total
DSM-IV inattentive
DSM-IV hyperactive/impulsive
DSM-IV total
 Attention subscale*
 Delinquency subscale*
  • CBCL indicates Child Behavior Checklist.

  • * P < .05.

  • P < 0.01.