Examples of Respondents’ Rationale for Predicting Their Children Would Touch Guns That Fell Into the Category “That’s Just What Kids Do”

Sample ResponsesChild Age (Years)
Kids are curious in general.11
Because they keep wanting me to buy toy guns to play with.8, 9
They are curious and would want to investigate it.8, 10
Based on the type of child he is, I think he would be curious about it.11
Because she’s a kid.5
Because you never know what kids will do.5, 6, 12
They are boys and are naturally into guns.5, 9
Children are inquisitive. Even if a child is brought up with guns, the child will still pick up a gun.14
That’s reality.12
Because of the things we tell them to do and they still try anyway. They make mistakes.11, 14
He is a typical boy filled with testosterone. Guns attract boys.6
That is the way boys are.15
Because kids will be kids.5