Examples of Respondents’ Rationale for Predicting Their Children Would Not Touch Guns, With Classifications Used in Analysis

CategorySample ResponsesChild Age (Years)
Too smartIt’s common sense.13
Because they know better.5, 7, 9
They know it [a gun] doesn’t belong in my house.11, 12, 13
She knows guns are dangerous and can hurt someone.9
Because he watches tv and he knows how dangerous guns are.9
I think they know that would be the right thing to do.7, 8, 9
They know what’s right.6, 9
He knows what is expected of him.7
They are pretty responsible for their age.5, 7, 9
She knows better than to fool around with a gun.13
She’s a sensible girl.11
He knows the consequences.15
She has common sense and is logical.10
Told them not toBecause that’s what we’ve told him to do.6
They are constantly reminded that guns are dangerous and not to play with them.8, 13
We’ve instructed them and shown them what a gun can do.8, 9, 10
They were taught to tell an adult.5, 6, 7
I have talked to them about guns and told them they are only for grown-ups.6, 9, 11
I have told him to tell an adult in that situation.8
I’ve taught them that you would be more likely to go to jail because of your race, so you must avoid guns at all costs and be careful to avoid explosive situations.8, 15
I’ve told them to leave the house where the gun is.5, 7
I told them what to do and have quizzed them on it.7, 15