Point Estimates for Nondistributional Noncost Variables

VariableEstimateValues for Sensitivity AnalysisSource(s)
Probability of sequelae after respiratory arrest
 Neurodevelopmental impairment*
  Home0.090.04–0.09(16, 18, 31)
  Home0.850.73–0.90(16, 18, 31)
Probability that appear requiring stimulation would not resolve spontaneously0.00480.0329Calculated from sample using α = 0.05
Utility of temporary states
Life expectancy
 Cerebral palsy66.9NACalculated from (9)
Discount rate0.030–0.05Assumption and (4)
  • NA indicates not applicable.

  • * Neurodevelopmental impairment estimate is the probability for the entire cohort and is additive to mortality.