Role Perceptions: Respondent’s Perceived Importance of and Personal Effectiveness at Facilitating Accomplishment of These Transition Issues

Adolescents Should Be Able to:ImportanceEffectivenessDifference
Describe their current condition and treatments2.782.38.40
Describe the long-term complications of their condition2.562.33.22
Describe a plan for maintaining and utilizing health insurance benefits2.111.67.44
Monitor treatments and health parameters2.782.22.56
Discuss symptoms and treatment plans with their health care provider2.782.56.22
Describe the role of the primary care providers and subspecialists2.202.00.20
Describe signs and symptoms that require urgent medical attention3.002.60.40
Identify emergency health services2.672.56.11
Understand the impact of their condition and treatments on their sexuality and reproductive health options2.701.90.80
Be aware of and involved in condition-specific organizations for support and information2.332.22.11
Be aware of the impact of drug and alcohol use2.782.56.22
Understand the impact of healthy behaviors (exercise, appropriate nutrition, and rest)
Have a substantial connection to caring adults2.672.33.33
Have a family that supports the transition process2.802.40.40