Proportion of Pediatricians Who Used Various Cues to Recognize Depression in Their Last Recalled Case of Maternal and Postpartum Depression (n = 391)

Cues Used (Multiple Answers Allowed)
Mother behavior, appearance, complaints*81%
Depression suspected because of family dynamics33%
Child’s presenting clinical problem may be associated with maternal depression30%
Mother introduced topic directly17%
History of depression or mental illness12%
Mother said currently being treated for depression9%
Mother routinely asked about depressive symptoms8%
Family member concerned about depression7%
History of alcohol/drug use or self-destructive behavior4%
  • * Postpartum depression 86% versus maternal depression 78%; P < .05, χ2.

  • Postpartum depression 26% versus maternal depression 39%; P < .01, χ2.

  • Postpartum depression 2% versus maternal depression 7%; P < .05, χ2.