Pediatricians’ Perceived Roles in Psychosocial/Mental Health Issues Comparing Pediatricians Overall and by Perceived Responsibility for Maternal Depression

It Is My Responsibility toAll Pediatricians (n = 508)Pediatricians Responsible for Maternal Depression (n = 290, 57%)Pediatricians Not Responsible for Maternal Depression (n = 218, 43%)
Detect sexual abuse in patients95%98%91%*
Recognize learning/school problems91%95%91%*
Recognize family problems related to divorce86%93%77%
Detect domestic violence in the family84%94%71%
Treat learning/school problems62%65%59%
Treat family problems relating to divorce40%47%29%
Treat maternal depression7%11%1%
  • * P < .0001, χ2 responsible versus not responsible.

  • P < .001, χ2 responsible versus not responsible.