Infant Characteristics, Exposures, and Complications

All NICUsNICUsP Value*
Case mix, for all NICUs combined and by NICU
 Sample size564100989710010096
 Gestational age (wk)
 Birth weight (g)1008972104610099639861077.03
 Small for GA (< 5th percentile, %)
 SNAP (day 1)
 SNAP (day 3)
 Low Apgar score (< 7 at 5 min, %)27.543.321.023.924.226.826.4.01
 Male (%)54.447.862.
 Race (%)<.0001
 Multiple gestations (2–4, %)28.925.035.823.639.020.628.6.03
 Prenatal care (%)97.597.897.996.698.096.997.8.98
 Prenatal steroids (%)71.359.874.775.380.059.878.0.002
Medical practices and complications, for all NICUs combined and by NICU
 Respiratory support (d)
 Postnatal steroid exposure (%)<.0001
  0 d78.675.066.389.956.092.893.4
  1–7 d5.
  8–14 d7.
  ≥15 d8.93.311.64.530.01.01.1
 Infection (%)25.416.322.<.0001
 NEC (%)
 Patent ductus arteriosus (%)27.512.041.032.641.015.522.0<.0001
  • CPAP indicates continuous positive airway pressure; NC-RA, nasal cannula oxygen or room air.

  • * P value is a result of an analysis of variance or a χ2 test for comparisons among NICUs.

  • Mean or percentage.