Pre- and Postcourse Responses to Test Questions and Course Rating

QuestionsPediatric Residents’ Responses*Practicing Pediatricians’ Responses*
1. The most reliable, predictive 4 tympanic membrane findings for AOM?34% correct85% correct43% correct88% correct
2. Not an indication for tympanocentesis?44% correct85% correct42% correct74% correct
3. Effectiveness of diagnosis video90% highly effective88% highly effective
4. Effectiveness of tympanocentesis mannequin laboratory?99% highly effective96% highly effective
5. Effectiveness of antibiotic lecture?94% highly effective92% highly effective
6. Will this course change the way you diagnose AOM, OME, and normal ears?97% highly likely or likely96% highly likely or likely
7. Would you like to begin to perform tympanocentesis?49% highly likely or likely43% highly likely or likely
  • * Significant change occurred pre- to postcourse for question 1 for pediatric residents (51% change; CI: 44%–58%) and practicing pediatricians (45% change; CI: 42%–48%, P < .001 for both comparisons). For question 2, pediatric resident changed 41% (CI: 34%–48%) and practicing pediatrician changed 32% (CI: 29%–35%); this was significant (P < .001 for both comparisons).

  • Correct answers for questions 1 and 2: yellow color, bulging, opaque and distinctly impaired mobility with premature otoscopy; and to distinguish AOM from OME, respectively.