HomophobiaAn irrational fear and resulting hatred of homosexual individuals
HeterosexismThe societal expectation that heterosexuality is the expected normal
MSMMen having sex with men
WSWWomen having sex with women
Gender identityKnowledge of one’s self as male or female
Gender expressionOutward expression of being male or female
Gender nonconformingDoes not follow society’s ideas about how they should act according to gender roles
Natal sexChromosomal and anatomic gender
TransitionProcess and time when a person goes from living as one gender to living as the other
MTFMale transitioning to female
FTMFemale transitioning to male
Conversion or reparative therapyAttempts to “convert” the individual to heterosexual
Survival sexEngaging in sexual intercourse in exchange for shelter, food, or money; often includes high-risk or unprotected sexuality