Variables Associated With Prescribing Errors in the Pediatric ED (Univariate Analysis)

VariableOR95% CI
Ordering physician
Medication ordered at the beginning of the academic year
 Medication ordered before July 11.00Reference
 All physicians1.33(0.95–1.86)
Severity of disease (based on triage category)
Age group
 12–18 y1.00Reference
 <3 mo0.38(0.08–1.82)
 3 mo–5 y1.91(0.98–3.72)
 6–11 y1.46(0.75–2.84)
Waiting time before seen by doctor
 <2 h1.00Reference
 ≥2 h0.88(0.54–1.43)
Weekends vs weekdays
Time when drug ordered