Percentage of Best Possible Responses* From Surveyed SMHMO and Comparison Group Parents: Pre- Versus Post-October 1996

SMHMOHMO Comparison GroupsNon-HMO Comparison Groups
Number of respondents5141356666118
Knew which doctor was in charge of care in the hospital76%80%63%74%63%76%
Reported that doctors were always available to answer questions or concerns54%65%66%56%62%69%
Always had confidence and trust in the doctors68%80%80%82%79%78%
Always got understandable answers to questioned asked of the doctors69%83%86%82%83%81%
Never received conflicting information from different providers in the hospital37%63%63%55%63%59%
Were told when to see a doctor for a follow-up visit94%93%89%95%94%93%
Were taught what was needed to care for child at home completely70%74%85%78%77%75%
Reported that doctor spent enough time discussing how to care for child at home72%93%82%86%70%81%
Never felt angry during hospitalization about patient’s care59%71%57%55%68%67%
Would definitely recommend this hospital to friends and family73%85%86%83%86%83%
Would prefer to go to this hospital if hospitalization needed again88%90%97%90%94%92%
Rated overall care at the hospital as excellent33%59%54%48%59%47%
  • * Higher = better for all responses. Ordinal variables dichotomized into best possible response versus all others.

  • P = .02.

  • P = .01.