Summary of Outcome Data for 46,XY Individuals Who Were Born With Ambiguous Genitalia Including Perineoscrotal Hypospadias

Gender at ParticipationP Value
21 Men18 Women
Mean no. of genital surgeries5.82.1<.05
Physician-rated surgical outcome3.31.5<.05
Participant-rated body image2.21.8NS
Participant-rated genital function2.72.5NS
% Satisfied with sex of rearing7678NS
  • NS indicates not significant.

    Female sex of rearing resulted in fewer genital surgical procedures overall and better cosmetic appearance of the external genitalia as rated by physicians, compared with patients who were reared male. Despite these seeming advantages to female sex of rearing, men and women did not differ according to their degree of satisfaction with their physical appearance, genital function, and sex of rearing.