Number of Genital Surgeries, Physician-Rated Appearance of the Genitalia, Self-Reported Body Image, Final Clitoral Length and Vaginal Depth, and Self-Reported Satisfaction With Sexual Function in Adult 46,XY Patients Who Were Born With a Small Phallus and Perineoscrotal Hypospadias and Were Living as Women at the Time of Study Participation

PatientAge of Final Female Gender AssignmentAge at Study Participation (Years)Total No. of Female Genital SurgeriesPhysician-Rated Appearance of Adult Genitalia (Good 1 … 5 Poor)Self-Reported Body Image (Satisfied 1 … 5 Dissatisfied)Final Clitoral Length (cm) and Vaginal Depth (cm)Self-Reported Sexual Function (Satisfied 1 … 5 Dissatisfied)
2228 mo35–392210/113
23First month25–293151/113
2417 mo30–342210/85
25Third month20–242131.5/153
26First week20–242111.5/153
27First week40–442210/9.53
28First week35–393230.5/125
29First month25–292NA11/101
3022 y45–492110/105
31Fourth month20–242111/103
32First week20–242230.5/91
3314 mo20–242112.5/131
34First week30–342230/81
35First week25–293210/123
36First month50–541130/63
37First week25–292110/121
38Fourth month30–342110.75/121
39First week20–242210/142
  • NA indicates not applicable.