Number of Genital Surgeries, Physician-Rated Appearance of the Genitalia, Self-Reported Body Image, Final Stretched Penile Length, and Self-Reported Satisfaction With Sexual Function in Adult 46,XY Patients Who Were Born With a Small Phallus and Perineoscrotal Hypospadias and Were Living as Men at the Time of Study Participation

PatientAge of Final Male Gender AssignmentAge at Study Participation (Years)Total No. of Male Genital SurgeriesPhysician-Rated Appearance of Adult Genitalia (Good 1 … 5 Poor)Self-Reported Body Image (Satisfied 1 … 5 Dissatisfied)Final Stretched Penile Length (cm)/± Z ScoreSelf-Reported Sexual Function (Satisfied 1 … 5 Dissatisfied)
1First week35–39≥102312/−0.83
2First week20–240NA3NA3
3First week25–293337/−3.93
4First week45–495436/−4.53
5First week40–446335/−5.13
6First week30–343536/−4.55
7First week40–444437/−3.93
8First week30–3442110/−2.01
9First week40–44NA418/−3.31
10First week20–2422311/−1.43
11Fourth month35–3954114/+0.41
12First week35–39≥10319/−2.71
13Fourth month40–448316/−4.53
14First week30–34≥102110/−2.01
15First week40–4434111.5/−1.13
16First week30–34NA3511/−1.45
17First week25–293435/−5.15
18Second week25–292NA3NA3
19Third week30–3474114/+0.43
2023 y40–44NANA16/−4.53
21First week30–344NA3NA1
  • NA indicates not applicable.