Severity of RSV Disease in Non-High-Risk Children Younger Than 2 Years

N/WMA (N [%])JHH (N [%])
All admissions813192
Median severity index10
Median low O28591
Sao2<87%576 (71)*26 (14)
Patients receiving assisted ventilation22 (3)*16 (8)
Age <2 mo148 (18)67 (35)
Length of stay >5 d189 (23)NS51 (27)
  • N/WMA indicates Navajo/White Mountain Apache; SaO2, oxygen saturation; NS, not statistically significant. Non–high-risk children had no underlying condition that might predispose to severe RSV disease (as defined in the text and Table 1) and were not premature (<36 weeks’ gestation). Data from JHH was previously published20 and was reanalyzed to exclude children younger than 24 months.

  • * P < .0001, χ2 test.

  • P < .0000, χ2 test.