Summary of Ninth-Grade Suggestions (n = 1022

Teens would have better opportunities to get into college.1
There would be more jobs for teenagers.2
There would be more job training programs.3
There would be programs to keep teens from dropping out of school and to help them finish school.3
Schools would have better books and better computers.3
There would be more after school activities for teenagers.4
There would be more police involved in the neighborhoods.4
There would be more recreation centers for teenagers.4
Adults and teenagers would work together to be involved in their community.4
There would be less theft.4
The communities would be cleaner.4
They would get rid of abandoned (empty) buildings.5
There would be less violence and more peace.5
There would be more minority owned businesses.5
There would be more religious programs (activities in churches, temples, and mosques) for teenagers.5
The police would not be racist or corrupt.5
There would be a stop to black on black crime.5
The homeless would have housing and they would not live on our streets.6
The government would not stop welfare.6
There would be less guns on the street.6
Drugs would stop coming into the communities.6
All communities would have town watch patrols.6
There would be less drug dealers.7
Graffiti would be cleaned up.7
  • * Items are listed precisely as worded on the survey.

  • Items are listed in order of their mean rating on the scale 1 = “Definitely would make me more likely to have a positive future to 5 = would Definitely not make me . . .”

  • Rank by Marginal Homogeneity Test.