Predicted Difference in Birth Weight by an Increase in Cord Plasma Levels of IGF-I, and Leptin, Gestational Age, Maternal Age, and Prepregnancy Weight From Their 25th Percentiles to Their 75th Percentiles, and by the Nominal Factors Smoking Status in Pregnancy, Offspring Sex, and Parity in 585 Singleton Term Pregnancies, Using Linear Regression Analysis

Prediction VariablesIncrease From the 25th Percentile to the 75th PercentilePredicted Difference in Birth Weight (g)95% CI
Cord plasma levels
IGF-I (ng/mL)33.4234187–279
Leptin (ng/mL)8.8182132–228
Length of gestation (d)12.0257214–300
Maternal age (y)7.0−6−55–43
Maternal weight (kg)13.47133–109
Smoking (smoker vs nonsmoker)−124−200–−54
Offspring sex (male vs female)223158–288
Parity (primipara vs multipara)−85−156–−14
  • CI indicates confidence interval.