Predicted Differences in Cord Plasma Level of IGF-I and Leptin, by Difference in Maternal Factors (Age, Prepregnancy Weight, Smoking, Parity) and by Difference in Infant Factors (Sex, Ponderal Index, Birth Weight, Length of Gestation), Using Multiple Linear Regression Analyses Among 585 Term Pregnancies

FactorsDifference in FactorMean Difference in Cord Leptin (ng/mL)95% CIMean Difference in Cord IGF-I (ng/mL)95% CI
Maternal factors
 Age10 y0.6–0.8–2.0−2.3−6.4–1.9
 Prepregnancy weight10 kg0.5−0.6–1.1−0.3−2.0–1.4
 Smoking in pregnancySmoking0.6−0.9–2.0−5.1*−9.4–−0.8
 Primipara versus multiparaPrimipara0.8−0.6–2.2−4.0−8.1–0.1
Infant factors
 Ponderal index (kg/m3)5 (kg/m3)4.5*3.3–5.720.4*16.8–23.9
 Birth length1 cm1.2*0.8–1.64.8*3.7–5.9
 Length of gestation1 wk−0.2−0.7–0.3−6.5*−–−4.9
  • CI indicates confidence interval.

  • * P < .05.