Neonatal Care: Physician and Hospital Capacity

VariableUnited StatesAustraliaCanadaUnited Kingdom
Annual deliveries (in thousands)394223256243494063626
Physicians* (per 10 000 live births):
  Neonatologists per 1000 low birth weight infants8.0165.7305.5313.732
  Maternal/fetal specialists3.2350.434NA§NA§
  Family practitioners169.716813.934816.733597.736
Number level III units* (per 10 000 live births)1.21370.90300.722.9238
Neonatal hospital beds* (per 1000 live births)
 Intensive care beds3.337NANA0.6738
  Intensive beds per 1000 low birth weight43.437NANA9.338
 Intensive + intermediate care beds5.1372.6302.6NA
  Intensive + intermediate care beds per 1000 low birth weight67.13739.43044.8NA
  • NA indicates not available.

  • * χ2 tests for differences across all 4 countries for each measure; all P values < .001.

  • Data from 1997, not including live births <400 g.

  • M. Staniforth, Deputy Director of Human Resources, National Health Service Executive, personal communication, 2001.

  • § Numbers unavailable because no federal accreditation process.

  • S. K. Lee, Director, Centre for Health Evaluation Research, personal communication, 2000.