Perinatal and Peripartum Care*

VariableUnited StatesAustraliaCanadaUnited Kingdom
Fertility rate (live births per women ages 15–49)
Teen pregnancy rate (per 1000 women ages 15–19)2283.643.745.446.9
Abortion rate (per 1000 women)
 Overall (ages 15–44)2122.916.615.513.9
 Teens (ages 15–19)2229.223.821.218.6
Maternal age at delivery
 <20 y12.5%235.2%245.7%407.2%26
 >35 y12.9%2315.0%2414.3%4014.5%26
Percent cesarean section21.4%2320.3%2417.3%4017.5%27
Percentage of pregnancies with multiple births1.50%231.46%241.25%401.44%27
Percent low birth weight (<2500 g)7.8%236.1%245.7%407.2%26
Percent very low birth weight (<1500 g)1.45%231.02%240.96%400.97%26
  • * χ2 tests for differences across all 4 countries for each measure; all P values < .001.