General Characteristics of Health Care Systems

VariableUnited StatesAustraliaCanadaUnited Kingdom
Finance systemMultiple payers: private health insurance and Medicaid*Single payer: state-administered with optional private insuranceSingle payer: provincial and territorial administeredSingle payer: National Health Service
Health care as percentage of gross domestic product13.9%8.4%9.2%6.8%
Population insured
 Children <18 y86.1%*100%100%100%
 Women ages 18–44 y78.2%*100%100%100%
Total physicians per 100k280250210170
  • * 62.8% of all citizens covered by employment based insurance; 24.1% covered by government insurance.13

  • Supplemental private insurance rate is 41.2%.14

  • 10.9% of population also have supplemental private insurance; source: statistics from the National Health Service,