Multiple Logistic Regression: Child BMI for Age >85th Sex-Specific Percentile, Year 2000 Survey Data, Limited to Mother-Child Pairs (N = 1182)

Parameter EstimateP Value <OR for Child Overweight(95% CI)
TV set in bedroom0.27.0451.31(1.01–1.69)
TV/video viewing (hours per day)−–1.08)
Child age (y)–1.16)
Child sex0.01.91.01(0.80–1.28)
Maternal educational attainment
 Less than high school−–1.06)
 Some college−–1.02)
Black race0.12.51.13(0.81–1.59)
Hispanic ethnicity0.44.0041.56(1.16–2.10)
Other race/ethnicity−–1.04)
Maternal BMI (kg/m2)
25 ≤ BMI < 300.25.101.28(0.96–1.71)
30 ≤ BMI < 350.62.00041.85(1.32–2.60)
35 ≤ BMI0.46.021.59(1.07–2.35)
  • Reference groups are female child, maternal BMI <25 kg/m2, high school maternal educational attainment, white race, and no TV set in child’s bedroom.