Hazard of Dying During Terminal Hospitalization Associated With CCCs and Age

HR95% CI
Model 1*
Number of CCC categories
 3 or more0.510.460.57
Age at time of admission
 0–29 d1.00Referent
 1–11 mo0.950.881.01
 1–9 y1.111.031.19
 10–24 y1.010.941.08
Annual number of deaths
Model 2*
CCC categories
 Hematologic or immunologic0.590.530.66
 Other congenital or genetic0.970.921.03
  • * Model 1 also adjusted for gender and principal payer; model 2 also adjusted for age, gender, principal payer, year, and annual number of deaths in each hospital each year; both models used robust estimation of confidence interval based on clustering by hospital.