Baseline Characteristics of CMSP Participants* by Income

By Income Group (% FPL)
≤133 n = 210134–200 n = 397134–200 n = 389Total n = 996
Weighted %SEWeighted %SEWeighted %SEWeighted %SE
Predisposing factors
    Younger child (6 mo–12 y)782.7861.4881.3841.1
    Adolescent (ages 13–18 y)222.7141.4121.3161.1
Primary language spoken in the home
    Non-English language313.8141.891.6181.5
Number of children in the family
    Three or more children324.1352.8252.6321.9
Parent marital status at enrollment
    Never married/divorced/separated/widowed403.1352.0281.8351.4
Parental education
    High school graduate or below644.2512.9452.9532.0
Work status of parents
    Head of household and/or spouse employed803.6941.397.9911.3
    Neither head of household nor spouse employed203.661.33.991.3
Need factors
Compromised health (fair or poor and/or medical condition or disability that limits daily activity)142.8152.0121.9141.3
Enabling factors
Place of residence
    Living in an urban area384.2292.5252.5311.8
Length of enrollment
    6–12 mo313.9242.4192.3251.7
    >12 mo693.9762.4812.3751.7
Length of time without insurance before enrollment
    Uninsured <6 mo253.8402.8362.9351.9
    Uninsured ≥6 mo753.8602.8642.9651.9
Usual source of care
    Has usual source872.8911.6931.4901.0
    No usual source of care132.891.671.4101.0
  • SE indicates standard error.

  • * Includes children who were continuously enrolled for ≥6 months and enrolled as of April 30, 1998.

  • Sample estimates weighted on income, age group, language, and nonresponse.

  • Difference by income group statistically significant at the P < .05 level.

  • Difference by income group statistically significant at the P < .01 level.