Other Religious/Spiritual Coping Strategies

Religious/Spiritual Coping StrategyNumber of Respondents (%)Illustrative Quotes*
7. Spiritual social support18 (72%)• My mom and a lot of prayer groups have been praying for me. It feels good to have others pray for me because it stinks being in the hospital. I think it helps, but I don’t know how.
• I pray to God that I hope my grandma feels better from her surgery.
• I am a Protestant.
• If you were poor, God could encourage someone else to bring you food or money or clothes.
• I don’t know if anyone is praying for me, but if they were it would feel good because they could find a cure for something!
8. Ritual response9 (39%)• I go to church to feel better when I’m sick.
• Our Father who art in heaven, halleluiahs be thy name, thy kingdom comes, I will be done, as if it is in heaven…
9. Benevolent religious/spiritual reappraisal6 (26%)• God allows me to have this illness so I can be challenged more in this life. I will be more happy because I am more fulfilled. Having to cope with CF will allow me to progress further in my next life.
• God can help people. He can heal them. God doesn’t always help, though; He does the best He can. You say a prayer, and if God can help you, He’ll try and help you, and then, He can heal you of something.
• He helps me figure stuff out, like understand when He cannot heal you.
10. Punishing religious/spiritual reappraisal4 (17%)• I know I’ve sinned a lot. God don’t like it. I don’t know if He punishes.
• God gets mad at people if they’re doing something wrong that they aren’t supposed to be doing, but He still loves them.
11. Discontent with God or congregation2 (9%)• God’s going down in the room so He can make me feel better, but it didn’t work.
  • * Illustrative quotes are slightly paraphrased to increase readability.