Characteristics of Participants

CharacteristicParticipants (n = 23)
 5–8 y1565
 9–12 y835
Disease severity*
Subjective intimacy
Faith most important
 Do not agree1043
Worship attendance§
 Not regularly1356
  • * A Shwachman score for CF rated their disease severity.20 Excellent corresponds to near-normal health functioning; mild corresponds to mild emphysema and restricted physical activity requiring frequent rests.

  • Yes refers to children’s comments that reflect a high level of intimacy with God, such as, “God is in my heart.” No refers to low levels of intimacy or no comments about intimacy. Labels were assigned subjectively by the authors on the basis of the content of the participants’ comments.

  • Parent report of agreement with, “My child’s religious faith is the most important influence in his/her life,” measured on a 5-point Likert scale. Agree includes “strongly agree” and “somewhat agree.” Do not agree includes “neutral,” “somewhat disagree,” and “strongly disagree.”

  • § Parent report. Regularly includes “weekly or almost weekly” and “once or twice a month.” Not regularly includes “a few times a year,” “only a few times in my life,” and “never.”