Characteristics of Gun Possession Among Violently Injured Patients Presenting to ED, n = 159

Type of gun possession
 Rifle24 (15.1)
 Automatic or semiautomatic rifle16 (10.1)
 Shotgun29 (18.2)
 Sawed-off shotgun9 (5.7)
 Revolver (regular handgun)18 (11.3)
 Automatic or semiautomatic handgun19 (12.0)
 Did not endorse a specific type of gun96 (60.4)
Method of handgun acquisition (cash purchases)
 Family member15 (9.4)
 Friend37 (23.3)
 Drug addict8 (5.0)
 Drug dealer13 (8.2)
 Street dealer17 (10.7)
 Pawnshop or gun shop12 (7.6)
 Someone purchased for me4 (2.5)
 Department or sporting goods store17 (10.7)
 Did not endorse paying cash for a handgun69 (43.4)
  • All values are n (%). Participants were allowed to select all answers that applied to their gun possession. Questions excluded gun possession for hunting or target-shooting activities.