Associations Between HPV Infection and Sexual Behaviors, Other Risk Behaviors, and Partner Characteristics*

HPV-Positive (N [%])Mean (SD), HPV-PositiveMean (SD), HPV-NegativeP Value
Sexual risk behaviors
 Number of sexual partners
  1152 (42.2).001
  >1100 (69.4)
 Frequency of vaginal intercourse38.5 (47.5)27.3 (38.6).004
 Condom use
  Never/rarely67 (46.5).07
  Sometimes49 (61.3)
  Most/all of the time132 (47.8)
 Oral contraceptive use
  Yes64 (49.6).85
  No59 (50.9)
 History of STI
  Yes37 (74.0).001
  No215 (47.5)
 History of pregnancy
  Yes33 (61.1).08
  No219 (48.7)
Other risk behaviors
 Current cigarette smoking
  Yes72 (61.5).005
  No180 (46.6)
 Drinking/drug use related to sexual behavior§
  Scale score 0140 (44.3).001
  Scale score ≥1112 (59.6)
Partner characteristics
 Partner’s age21.9 (3.3)20.7 (2.3).0001
 Partner’s race
  White126 (42.4).001
  Black51 (87.9)
  Hispanic39 (60.9)
  Asian13 (28.3)
  Other23 (59.0)
 Partner’s number of sexual partners7.8 (10.2)3.3 (4.8).0001
  • SD indicates standard deviation.

  • * Several of these associations have been reported previously, using different sample selection and methods of analysis, in Ho et al2 and Burk et al.18

  • The P value is derived from a χ2 statistic if the behavioral/partner characteristic variable is categorical and from a t test or analysis of variance procedure if the behavioral/partner characteristic variable is continuous.

  • These variables were assessed during the 6 months before testing positive for HPV.

  • § Self-report of risky sexual behaviors while using alcohol or illicit drugs, measured using a 9-point scale.

  • Assessed for main sexual partner.