Characteristics of 14 Patients With HIT-Associated Thrombosis

Gender, Age at AdmissionAdmission DiagnosisSite of ThrombosisHep ExpPrevious HepPlatelet Decline (%)Platelet-Nadir × 109/LHPF4-AB
Female, newbornOpen heart surgeryLeft common iliacal artery6No51191153
Female, 6 moOpen heart surgeryRight femoral artery; vena innominata5Yes8846134
Male, 10 moOpen heart surgerySuperior vena cava10Yes5546112
Female, 15 moOpen heart surgeryRight subclavian vein16Yes65123104
Male, 13 yEmbolisation of aorto-pulmonary shunts after lung bleedingLeft subclavian vein; inferior vena cava; left and right external iliac veins19No6755135
Male, 13 yMeningococcal sepsisLeft external iliac vein10No7327101
Male, newbornOpen heart surgeryRight external iliac vein15No525568
Male, 3 moOpen heart surgeryRight femoral artery7Yes563754
Male, newbornOpen heart surgeryRight femoral artery; right femoral vein; superior vena cava; right renal vein9No782943
Female, newbornOpen heart surgeryRight subclavian vein16No606058
Male, 3 moAbdominal surgeryInferior vena cava; left femoral vein45No774357
Male, 7 moOpen heart surgeryLeft external iliac vein5Yes734326
Male, 17 moOpen heart surgeryRight internal iugular vein25Yes618083
Female, 4 yOpen heart surgeryLeft external iugular vein8No709338
  • Hep Exp indicates heparin exposure before diagnosis (days); Previous Hep, heparin administration during preceding 6 months; HPF4-AB, percentage of adult cutoff value of ELISA optical density.