Table 3.

Parental Perceptions of Child Improvement*

Response MissingNot at AllVery LittleSomewhatMore Than AverageVery Much
My child's behavior has changed since infusion.10102535515
My child has been more calm since infusion.10102045105
My child has been more attentive since infusion.101010303010
My child has had more regular bowel movements.10200402010
My child has had less gastrointestinal symptoms.101525301010
I have been given more positive feedback from teachers.102015251515
My communication with my child has improved.10155351025
My child's ability to communicate with me has improved.10151040520
Eye contact has improved.102510251515
My child would benefit from another dose of secretin.1005201550
  • *  Table shows percentage of parents' response at each choice using the 5-point Likert scale (1 = “not at all”, to 5 = “very much”).