Table 1.

Regression in Autism: Not a New Phenomenon*

Author/YearStudy DescriptionDescription of the RegressionRate (%)
Lotter, 196617Epidemiologic (n = 32)Developmental setback that included speech loss31.3
Kurita, 198518Clinical (n = 261)Speech/gesture loss lasting over 6 months37.2
Creak, 196319Clinical (n = 100)Setback in development25.0
Wolff and Chess, 196420Clinical (n = 14)Setback in development50.0
Wakabayashi, 197421Clinical (n = 116)Retrogressive shift with speech disappearance22.4
Kobayashi and Murata, 199822Clinical (n = 179)Normal development followed by loss of words/interest for a minimum of 3 months29.6
  • *  An appendix containing clinical descriptions of loss of skills and regression from this earlier literature can be obtained from the first author upon request.

  •  Subjects were born before 1975.