Sample Characteristics: Children in 2014 PSID CDS With ≥1 Parent Having an ACE Score From the 2014 CRCS

CharacteristicsWeighted Percentage or Mean (SD) for Final Sample (n = 2529)Weighted Percentage or Mean (SD) for Overall CDS 2014 Sample (n = 4203)
Child race
 African American12.1414.46
 Asian American and/or Pacific Islander3.003.45
Child ethnicity
 Latino and/or Hispanic13.6320.50
Household health insurance
Primary caregiver’s education
 Less than high school7.1413.38
 High school graduate and/or GED17.3920.86
 Any college and/or vocational school27.0228.29
 College graduate27.2621.01
 Graduate school21.1816.39
Child age in y9.33 y (SD 4.43)9.26 y (SD 4.57)
Household income level, % FPL
No. ACEs in parent with highest count
 4 or more17.31
Hyperactivity diagnosis8.368.66
Emotional disturbance diagnosis3.603.69
BPI: total score6.83 (SD 5.82)6.91 (SD 5.93)
BPI: externalizing score4.93 (SD 4.10)4.97 (SD 4.14)
BPI: internalizing score2.49 (SD 2.92)2.53 (SD 2.96)
PBS score4.13 (SD 0.53)4.15 (SD 0.54)
  • FPL, federal poverty level; GED, General Equivalency Diploma; —, not applicable.