Table 3.

Studies of Concordance of Diagnostic Tests for Acute Uncomplicated Sinusitis in Children*

AuthorNAge (Years)AspirationAbnormal Plain RadiographOther ImagingClinical Diagnosis
Kogutt26 1001/2–14Not done96/100 Not doneVarious signs and SX reported
Watt-Boolsen27 86 (155 sinuses)3–12Done114/155Not doneNot specified
Van Buchem28 79 (“sinusitis”)2–12Done80/124UltrasoundClinical impression of “sinusitis”
68 (“rhinitis”)Not doneNot doneNot doneClinical impression of “rhinitis”
Glasier29 15 with URI SX<1Not doneNot doneCT scanUpper respiratory infection SX
85 without URI SXNot doneCT scanNo upper respiratory infection SX
Revonta16 § 864–10DoneNot doneUltrasoundNo children had sinusitis-specific SX
Jannert30 1750–15Not done97/175Not donePurulent secretion, URI in previous 2 weeks, sinus pain or tenderness
Wald12 1712–16Not done136/171Not doneNasal discharge or cough not improving >10 d
Barlan15 891–15Not done69/89Not doneMajor criteria: purulent nasal discharge, pharyngeal drainage, cough; 9 minor criteria
  • * URI indicates upper respiratory infection; SX: symptoms.

  • Includes 5 children with pansinusitis in the setting of immunodeficiency.

  • CT scan was performed on infants for unrelated reason, none were diagnosed a priori with “sinusitis” per se, but a subgroup was clinically diagnosed with upper respiratory infection.

  • § Ultrasound was performed in the absence of clinical symptoms for sinusitis in 452 children referred for adenoidectomy or adenotonsillectomy.

  • Two major or 1 major and 2 minor criteria required.