Table 2.

Clinical and Imaging Outcome Measures for Studies of Antibiotic and Ancillary Interventions*

Author YearAntibioticAncillary MeasuresCureImprovementFailureImaging Improved
 Ficnar (1997)10 Azithromycin (3 d)ND23/2423/241/24 (relapse)ND
Azithromycin (5 d)ND18/1818/180/18ND
 Careddu (1993)11 BrodimoprimND24/2524/251/25ND
 Wald (1986)12 Amox/clavulanateAntihistaminesND21/287/28ND
 Wald (1984)13 AmoxicillinAntihistaminesND23/274/2716/22
 Jeppesen (1972)14 PivampicillinEphedrine chloride and lavageND ND ND ND
PlaceboND ND ND ND
Case series
 Hager (1980)18 Co-trimazineND23/2826/282/28ND
 Helin (1982)19 Penicillin VNose drops and PPA53/6153/618/6151/61
PivampicillinNose drops and PPA14/1614/162/1614/16
ErythromycinNose drops and PPA12/1512/153/1512/15
 Nylen (1972)20 PenicillinDecongestants for 7 d12/25NDNDND
 Gurses (1996)21 CefuroximeNDND36/393/39ND
 Herz (1977)22 DoxycyclineND77/106100/1066/10680/106
 Puhakka (1986)23 CefadroxilND13/1413/141/14ND
 McLean (1970)24 VariousND20/2120/211/2114/14
 Aitken (1998)25 VariousND37/4344/451/45ND
 Barlan (1997)15 Amox/clavulanateBudenosideND§ ND§ ND§ ND
PlaceboND§ ND§ ND§ ND
 Revonta (1982)16 AmoxicillinPPA + lavageNo SXNo SXNo SX62/72
PPA onlyNo SXNo SXNo SX36/49
 McCormick (1996)17 AmoxicillinTriple combinationND ND ND ND
PlaceboND ND ND ND
  • * PPA indicates phenylpropanolamine; ND, no data available; SX, symptoms.

  • Outcome data provided as mean (standard deviation) time to recovery: 7.86 (3.69) days in the antibiotic group.

  • Outcome data provided as mean (standard deviation) time to recovery: 6.38 (1.45) days in the control group.

  • § Outcome data given as cough and nasal discharge scores per week in the 2 groups (budenoside was superior to placebo only at the second week).

  • Outcome data given as clinical and radiography scores (there was no difference at 3 and 14 days from onset of treatment).

  • Outcomes based on ultrasound (all other studies in the table used plain radiographs to assess improvement of imaging).