Table 3.

Health Services Utilization by Children With and Without ADHD*

Category of ServiceChildren With ADHD
(n = 2992)
Children Without ADHD
(n = 11 968)
Utilization Ratio
MeanMedianStandard DeviationMeanMedianStandard Deviation
Primary care visits§3.8433.302.3622.271.63
Mental health visits§1.3503.11.1401.039.89
ED visits§.080.33.0500.261.43
Pharmacy fills§11.25910.103.3025.503.41
Hospital inpatient days.040.44.0500.650.93
  • * Participants were between ages 3 and 17 years, were continuously enrolled at GHC in 1997, and had at least 1 health care visit or hospitalization in 1997. Data are reported as visits, fills, or days per person per year.

  • Children without ADHD were randomly selected and matched 4:1 to children with ADHD on age and sex.

  • Utilization ratio = ratio of mean utilization of children with ADHD to mean utilization of children without ADHD.

  • § Statistically significantly different (P < .001) by Wilcoxon rank sum test.