Table 1.

NHANES III Analyses Variables and Age Groups

NHANES III VariableAge Group (Years)
 Sex6–11, 12–16
 Age6–11, 12–16
 Metropolitan region6–11, 12–16
Family and child resources
 Poverty status6–11, 12–16
 Race–ethnicity6–11, 12–16
 Family head education6–11, 12–16
 Family head employed6–11, 12–16
 Family head marital status6–11, 12–16
 Number of family moves6–11, 12–16
 Health insurance6–11, 12–16
 Regular source of health care6–11, 12–16
Food insufficiency
 Family food insufficiency6–11, 12–16
Environmental risk
 Lead exposure6–11, 12–16
 Crowding6–11, 12–16
Past nutrition, health and social risk
 Mother's age at child's birth6–11
 Low birth weight6–11
 Prenatal smoke exposure6–11
 Birth complications6–11
 Ever attended child care6–11, 12–16
 Height6–11, 12–16
Health status
 Proxy-reported health status6–11, 12–16