Table 1.

Exposure to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Substance Use in G-Rated Animated Feature Films

YearTitleMovie Length (Minutes)Alcohol Exposure (Seconds)BCSWTobacco Exposure (Seconds)RTPO
1937Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs8400
1945Three Caballeros, The717x629x
1947Fun and Fancy Free734x0
1949Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad, The*6850xx42xx
1951Alice in Wonderland740323§xxx
1953Peter Pan7626x58§xx
1955Lady and the Tramp7603x
1959Sleeping Beauty75174x0
1961One Hundred and One Dalmatians7926x387§xxx
1963Sword in the Stone, The7919x29§x
1967Jungle Book, The7800
1969Boy Named Charlie Brown, A8500
1970Aristocats, The7921xx8x
1972Snoopy, Come Home8000
1973Charlotte's Web9400
1973Robin Hood8348xx0
1977Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The8300
1977Rescuers, The7646x5x
1981Fox and The Hound, The8300
1982Last Unicorn, The8521x0
1982Secret of NIMH, The8500
1985Care Bears Movie, The7800
1986American Tail, An*8178x163§,x
1986Great Mouse Detective, The*73118xx52§xxx
1988Land Before Time, The6900
1988Oliver and Company740105§x
1989All Dogs Go to Heaven*8951xx176§xx
1989Kiki's Delivery Service10300
1989Little Mermaid, The8307x
1990Duck Tales: The Movie—Treasure of the Lost Lamp7400
1990Happily Ever After7416x374§,x
1990Jetsons: The Movie8200
1990Nutcracker Prince, The7418x0
1990Rescuers Down Under, The7777x0
1991American Tail: Fievel Goes West, An*7524xxx21xxx
1991Beauty and the Beast*8486xxx0
1991Princess and the Goblin, The8234x0
1991Rover Dangerfield*744xx81xx
1992Fern Gully: The Last Rain Forrest76015x
1992Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland850416§,x
1992Tom and Jerry: The Movie8400
1993My Neighbor Totoro8600
1993Once Upon a Forest7100
1993We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story71037x
1994Lion King, The8800
1994Pagemaster, The7600
1994Swan Princess, The9000
1994Troll in Central Park, The7600
1995Arabian Knight7300
1995Goofy Movie, A782x0
1995Gumby: The Movie9073x0
1995Pebble and Penguin, The74051x
1995Toy Story8100
1996All Dogs Go to Heaven 2*8253x178§x
1996Hunchback of Notre Dame, The9026xxx23xxx
YearTitleMovie Length (Minuts)Alcohol Exposure (SecondsBCSWTobacco Exposure (Seconds)RTPO
1997Babes in Toyland7400
1997Cats Don't Dance770202xx
1997Pippi Longstocking787x2x
1997Swan Princess 2, The7217x0
1998Bug's Life, A*9500
1998Quest for Camelot8600
1998Rugrats Movie, The8100
1999Doug's First Movie777x0
1999King and I, The8900
1999Pokemon: The First Movie7500
1999Toy Story 29200
2000Tigger Movie, The7700
  • B indicates beer; C, champagne; S, spirits (hard liquor or mixed drinks); W, wine; R, cigar; T, cigarette; P, pipe; O, other tobacco product.

  • * At least once scene took place in a bar or nightclub.

  • At least 1 character consumed a magical potion or substance.

  • At least 1 character was shown experiencing a physical effect of alcohol, such as hiccups, staggering, flushed face, and nausea.

  • § At least 1 character was shown experiencing a physical effect of tobacco smoke, such as coughing, sneezing, or turning green.

  • At least 1 character was shown conveying a health message about the dangers of tobacco use.