Table 1.

Catheter Removal and Clinical Outcomes in Bacteremic Neonates (N = 153)

S aureus (n = 11)Enteric Gram-Negative Rods (n = 36)Nonenteric Gram-Negative Rods (n = 6)Enterococcus (n = 14)CoNS
(n = 84)
Other Organisms (n = 2)
Sterilization of catheter not attempted (n = 25)1713121
 Persistent bacteremia000010
 End-organ damage000001
Attempted sterilization of catheter (n = 128)1029511721
 Persistent bacteremia—no end-organ damage2712230
 End-organ damage753270
 Catheter lost but no infectious complications071250
 Catheter salvage without complication11005371
End organ damage
 Vital organ abscess210020
 Positive echocardiogram100120
 Positive lumbar puncture030131