Table 1.

Demographics of Patients

VariableSites A and B
Child's race
Mothers interviewed84%
Mean age of caregiver interviewed (years)32 ± 10
Caregivers who completed high school76%
Total insured90%
MCO/Medicaid insurance61%
Child's age
 0–3 Months10%
 3–36 Months41%
 >36 Months49%
Type of visit at time of interview
 Health maintenance54%
 Acute without fever29%
 Acute with fever7%
  • MCO indicates managed care organization.

    Sites A and B differed demographically only by race. At site A, 34% of patients were black and 62% were white, whereas at Site B, 85% were black and 11% were white (P < .001). In Schmitt's study, 90% of patients were white and 10% were black.