Table 3.

Risk Factors for LTBI as Determined by Logistic Regression Analysis Using All Risk Variables Found to Be Significant in Univariate Analysis

VariableParameter EstimateStandard ErrorRisk RatioP Value
Bathroom or kitchen shared with other tenants0.2070.5611.230.712
Single mother household0.4720.4701.603.315
Foreign birth1.6480.7155.195.021
BCG immunization1.4350.9034.201.112
Foreign travel1.7110.6035.537.005
Foreign travel by household member−0.4280.6890.652.534
Contact with active TB3.6091.16036.94.0019
Previous negative TST−2.5730.6790.076.0001
Ingestion of unpasteurized milk or cheese0.0160.6581.016.981
Relative with positive TST2.6970.65414.83<.0001
Contact with illicit drug use1.2290.7443.419.098
Contact with history of incarceration−0.1990.6710.819.766
Contact with history of sleeping in shelter or streets−0.0240.6830.976.972