Table 8.

Incidence of Deterioration in Children With Isolated SF Not Initially Requiring Intervention

First AuthorYearDesignEligibility CriteriaN <2 YearsIncidence of Deterioration
Greenes301997Case series<2 admitted with isolated SF101 isolated SF0 had late deterioration (2 needed intervention, apparent at diagnosis)
Quayle81997Prospective cohortNontrivial HT, CT and SR134 21 isolated SF0/21 had deterioration
Shane241993Case series≤1, alert, admitted with SF102 87 without ICI0/87 without known ICI had deterioration
Partington311991Retrospective cohort<2 with HT129 39 SF0/39 had deterioration
Schunk231996Retrospective cohortCT for HT; alert, normal neuro 96 38 isolated SF0/38 had deterioration
Greenes211999Prospective cohort<2, in ED for HT608 63 isolated SF0/63 had deterioration
  • Neuro indicates neurologic examination; ED, emergency department.